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Vladislav Romanov
Alternative practitioner of psychotherapy

Practice for Psychotherapy und Hypnosis in Lahr/Schwarzwald

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I'm Vlad

I welcome you to the site of my practice! The psychotherapeutic tool of my choice is hypnosis, which, especially in combination with behavioral therapy methods, often provides significant and rapid relief from symptoms. The benefits of hypnosis are not limited to the reduction or elimination of distress alone, but provide a powerful tool in solving internal problems, both psychological and physical.

My areas of expertise

Below are some of the main focuses of my therapeutic work. Please remember that each patient requires an individual approach. The exact problem area as well as the respective approach can only be determined through consultation. The initial telephone consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

*The techniques and approaches of various therapeutic methods presented on this website do not contain any promises of healing. Within the framework of a responsible and serious use of psychotherapeutic methods and hypnosis, it is my duty to point out that, by the very nature of things, I cannot guarantee success.

My wish is that when you enter my practice you will be immersed in an atmosphere of relaxed security and safety for the duration of your visit. An environment that allows you to detach from everyday life and slip away into your inner world. A place where there is nothing more important than yourself.


Session duration of 1 hour: 90 euros

Longer sessions are charged pro rata.

The initial telephone consultation is free of charge. I offer sessions in German, English or Russian.

Please note: It is not possible to bill statutory health insurance companies.

“It comes down to healing the body with the soul and the soul through the body.”

Oscar Wilde


Was Klienten sagen

Jason Vassiliou

„Empathischer, kompetenter und vor allem effektiver Therapeut. Nur zu empfehlen!“

The entrance to the building and parking spaces are located in the inner courtyard. To reach the inner courtyard, turn off Werderstraße into Industriehof and follow the street until the first opportunity to turn left. Turn left. The Industriehof 6H building is located behind the former works canteen. The practice is on the 1st floor, room 118.

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