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Depression - an unwelcome guest

Depression can often be described as an uninvited guest that suddenly and unexpectedly appears in a person's life. This guest comes without warning and without invitation. It nests in the darkest corners of the soul and brings with it a heavy, gloomy atmosphere.

The space that is actually reserved for joy, affection and love of life is taken over by depression. It leaves disorder and chaos in the form of negative thoughts, self-doubt and general despondency.

This guest often stays far too long and makes it hard to part with him. He can make the simplest tasks a challenge and steal the joy from the things in life. But as with an uninvited guest, there are ways and means to get rid of him.

With professional help and the support of friends and family, you can find ways to expel this uninvited guest from your life. You can learn tools to reopen the door to joy and lift the darkness. It is important to understand that it is possible to regain the state of inner peace and joyfulness of life.

Many depressed patients are often unaware of the causes of their deep dejection and sadness, even if a trigger such as a severe blow of fate is known and obvious. But not every unfortunate life event leads to depression, because this disorder often goes far beyond the normal level of sadness and dejection.


To a considerable extent, this is due to complex inner processes that run largely automatically and are hidden from the conscious mind. Deeply seated beliefs and thought patterns can take on destructive features and not only promote depression, but also cause it. Many of these contents are not accessible to the everyday consciousness, or only with great effort, also in terms of time.


With the help of hypnotherapy, it is possible to access and activate the resources hidden in the subconscious, such as positive memories and life experiences. This makes it possible to detect the hidden triggers of the depressive mood, to make them conscious and to transform them adequately. In this way, a far-reaching alleviation of the symptoms up to freedom from symptoms can be achieved.


However, it is important to emphasize that the treatment of depression depends on its severity. The severity is measured primarily by the number and quality of symptoms. In more severe cases, medication may be indicated in addition to psychotherapy. It is therefore very important to seek professional help immediately in the event of symptoms such as depressed mood, disinterest in activities that used to bring pleasure, pronounced listlessness or even suicidal thoughts. If you suspect depression in your loved one, talk to them directly about it and encourage them to seek professional help.

Nebel und Natur

Dear Patient,


I understand that the thought of seeking professional help while struggling with depression can often be daunting. However, I want to reassure you that you are not alone and that there are ways to lessen your burden and improve your quality of life.


Your health and well-being are of utmost importance, and I am here to help you. As a compassionate and experienced therapist, I specialize in helping people like you overcome depression and find ways to get your life back on track.


Every step on the road to recovery begins with a first contact. I invite you to contact me, either for a non-binding consultation or to make an appointment. Together we will develop an individual treatment strategy tailored to your needs.


Please remember that there is no reason to be ashamed of your depression. You are strong and deserve support on your road to recovery. Let's work together to dispel the darkness and restore more light and hope to your life.

Contact me today - I am here for you. Your health and well-being are worth it.


With kind regards

Vladislav Romanov

Alternative practitioner of psychotherapy

Burnout - fusion of stress and exhaustion

In the rush and hectic pace of modern life, there is a silent companion that creeps insidiously into the souls of those who are constantly chasing the demands and expectations of their time. This affliction is simply called "burnout." It is as if energy reserves have been depleted, as if thoughts that were once so clear have become shrouded in an impenetrable fog.


In a life characterized by constant busyness, the initial enthusiasm gradually gives way to a dull weariness. The fire that once burned in the heart has become a muted ember, and the world that was once full of colour now appears in dull shades of gray.


Burnout is like an endless walk through a bleak landscape where you lose direction. The days drag on agonizingly, and every task becomes a seemingly insurmountable hurdle. What was once perceived as fulfilling becomes a burden.


Words dry up, thoughts sink into an endless stream of worry and stress. The capacity for inspiration and creativity seems to be extinguished, and dreams that were once so clear gradually fade away.


Burnout is like a silent cry, a silent appeal to the exhausted to take care of themselves before the flame of life goes out. It is a reminder that we are human beings, not machines, and that we need love and care to rekindle our inner light. Healing from burnout takes time, rest, the support of those close to you, and a willingness to find your own path to recovery.

Treating burnout requires a re-evaluation of one's life, the reasons that led to total exhaustion, and what is most important to one. Hypnotherapy is a versatile and powerful tool to face these questions in a self-responsible way.


At the heart of recovery is the internalization of the fact that things cannot go on like this and that it is time to make fundamental changes in the way we live our lives. First, however, it is necessary to pause and give oneself the opportunity to find inner peace and let the stress escape from body and soul. Only when one has regained one's strength can one devote oneself to setting new priorities.


Hypnotherapy offers you the opportunity to dissolve your deepest inner problems and burdens. However, it is advisable to recognize the signs of deep exhaustion early and seek help to avoid a breakdown in the first place.


Your path to recovery and vitality can begin here and now.

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