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About me

Prior to my training in psychotherapy, I achieved degrees in archaeology and history. I believe this broad humanistic background and cultural sophistication have prepared me to gain deeper insights into the human psyche and to interpret complex unconscious connections.

After graduating as a Master of Arts in Archaeological Sciences at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg in 2016, I managed foreign medical patient access to German clinics. I became intensely interested in learning how I could help improve people's health, and used my free time to further my education as a hypnotherapist and alternative practitioner of psychotherapy. After successfully completing the examination at the Freiburg Health Department in 2021, I received approval as a nonmedical practitioner for psychotherapy. In order to best serve the needs of my patients, I am constantly educating myself and systematically expanding my knowledge and experience.

Education and Certification

Paracelsus schools for naturopathy since 2017

Specialist and advanced training in psychotherapy and hypnosis. Hypnotherapeutic training with Prof. Dr. Arno Mueller

Naturopath School Isolde Richter since 2018

Training as a nonmedical practitioner of psychotherapy. Comprehensive study of psychopathology

Admission to practice medicine in the field of psychotherapy according to the Naturopathic Practitioners Act 2021

Review and approval at the Freiburg Health Department

Sanduhr und Kristallschale
Bronzeskulptur Eule kämpft mit Schlange

My philosophy

I believe that the human being consists of three parts: the soul, the spirit, and the body, which together form a whole. These components are in constant interaction so that the injury to one of the parts impacts the others. Thus, damage to the spirit can be partly responsible for physical suffering and vice versa. From this, it follows that physical complaints can also be alleviated by positively influencing mental or emotional suffering.

Many mental or emotional processes occur deep inside, hidden from our conscious mind. Deep emotions and feelings are often caused by previous life experiences, that either arose without reflection in early childhood or, briefly experienced, have been long forgotten. Nevertheless, they continue to have an impact on our lives and behaviour. They can condition our beliefs, essential or everyday decisions, or produce indecisiveness and avoidance. It becomes problematic when unpleasant or even traumatic experiences promote or trigger destructive or troublesome behaviour patterns and feelings. In many cases, uncovering this unconscious content can provide the key to solving long-standing problems and promoting positive development.

This careful process of discovery promotes a holistic view of the patient. The aim of treatment is therefore not just to alleviate or eliminate individual symptoms, but to achieve a noticeable and lasting normalization and improvement in the well-being and quality of life of the patient.

The photograph on the left shows a bronze sculpture of an owl engaged in a fight with a snake. This allegorical representation illustrates my striving to combat suffering (the snake) with knowledge and wisdom (the owl).

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