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Romanov Practice Blog. A warm welcome to you!

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

My name is Vladislav Romanov and I am an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in Lahr/Schwarzwald. My therapeutic focus is hypnotherapy. Welcome to my practice and blog pages! Here I would like to report on various topics related to psychotherapy, hypnosis, the profession of alternative practitioners and the German health care system. I am writing to all my past, present and future patients, as well as anyone interested in the above topics. The declared aim of my publications is to provide information that is as helpful as possible in finding one's way through the thicket of the health care system and to make professional content accessible and tangible to the layman. I would like to share my therapeutic experiences and report on different therapeutic methods and approaches in an understandable way in order to provide the reader with a selection of information for decision-making.

I make no claim to the accuracy of all information provided. The published contents are mainly based on my own experience and extensive research in various sources. Should the attentive and knowledgeable reader notice any inaccuracies, I would be grateful if he or she could point them out to me. Of course, I would also be pleased to receive questions and suggestions from my readers. This would inspire me to make further, hopefully useful, contributions. I hope you enjoy my contributions and visit these pages more often.

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